The Right Luxury Agent

Buying or Selling a Luxury Home in the Greater Houston area? Relocating to Houston? Buyers and sellers of luxury homes have different needs and requirements. The real estate agent must be skilled at marketing to a narrow group – the luxury consumer. GHLHC members are adept at navigating location, price and condition to pinpoint the right Buyer or Property for their luxury client. At a time when online service seems to be the trend, the luxury market requires a ‘hands-on’ approach – a personalized marketing strategy designed for the Seller or Buyer of high-end real estate.

Members of the GHLHC are experienced agents – long time practitioners of luxury real estate. So, when you are ready to make a move – ready to Sell or Buy – choose the agent who can provide you with exceptional service specific to your luxury property.

 Source: The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing,